Discover Me Summer Bootcamp Program

Together Friends Organization “Discover Me” program runs in the summer as a 3-week boot camp held in four Clayton County middle schools (Babb Middle, Jonesboro Middle, Pointe South Middle, and Rex Mill Middle Schools). “Discover Me” program is a STEAM career discovery program that provides students with a vision for their future by introducing them to a variety of STEAM career opportunities and equipping them with the skills they need to achieve their goals. The program consists of four components: self-discovery activities, career research, weekly guest speakers and field trips, and weekly Together Friends Career Challenge Bowls. Each of these activities aim to develop the four C’s of 21st Century Learning: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

Students engage in self-discovery activities to learn more about who they are as unique individuals and develop self-awareness of their socio-emotional behaviors, understanding why they feel the way they do and respond the way they do when exposed to various stimuli. Students begin the process of gaining an awareness of their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and how they can develop these qualities through these activities and projects.

Students research different STEAM careers, identifying the high school and college requirements to enter that particular field. They identify the skill sets and special interests a person must possess to be successful in that field. Additionally, they identify the salary ranges for both entry level and senior levels for that career. Students then compile their research information into a PowerPoint presentation and present to the class their findings.

Weekly guest speakers and field trips begin introducing students to various exciting careers in the STEAM fields. Guest speakers share information with the students about the characteristics of their job, and what skills, education and experience are necessary to succeed in those technical fields. The field trips provide behind-the-scenes careers-in-play, in which students tour different facilities that are related to the careers they learn about within the program. Due to COVID-19, field trips have been held virtually.

Together Friends Career Challenge Bowl (CCB) is a team-based activity that promotes the student’s ability to collaborate as a team to demonstrate their learning of the careers they have been exposed to. CCB activities also display the students’ abilities to use critical and creative thinking in designing their role play.