The objectives of our support services are to mitigate life circumstances that our at-risk students encounter. Such students have a higher propensity of failing or dropping out of school due to these circumstances which become barriers to their success.

An at-risk student perceived risk status is rarely related to his or her inability to learn or succeed academically, but largely or entirely related to the student’s life circumstances.

We use a support model to deliver direct services and coordinate our efforts with community partners. Our model plans are comprehensive and address multiple life domains across the communities of our students.

We deliver these services through our summer bootcamp program, after school program (Youth Exploring Options Program) and high school program (After Hours Program).

We engage with partners

who share our philosophy regarding the “Level of Aspiration” for students in our programs. The main idea here is that: Encouragement leads to Hope, which fosters increased Levels of Aspiration

TFO Support Model