Youth Career Exploration Program

Program Objectives

  • To be the organization of choice for students to explore their career choices.
  • To provide the students with positive role models in the various career fields.
  • To provide students with information regarding high school, college requirements and professional /career expectations.
  • To encourage participants to make planned choices regarding their future.
  • To facilitate students career selection process by matching their personal interests and skills to academic and career choices.

Benefit Analysis

  • Bridge gaps to help our students identify and match their interests and desires with prospective career opportunities.
  • Provide advise and guidance-gained from local professional leaders in their respective fields-on the requirements to enter a particular field, regionally or other designated area.
  • Provide effective workshops for students and their parents on the required High School and College Preparatory courses needed to enter their chosen prospective careers.
  • Provide counseling on subjects/courses contained in the high school completion requirements to enter the college or the technical field of choice desired by the student.
  • Comparative analysis of existing programs in Atlanta area that reference or provide some form of career development components.

Career Subjects Grouping