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evaluation objectives

Together Friends Organization Inc. (TFO) Summer Boot Camp and After-School Programs are designed to inspire students to take a serious look into their long term academic and career options.  Our organization plans to do this by encouraging students to explore their self-interests and various career choices. 

Guest Speakers

TFO’s guest speakers will sinteractive presentations regarding their field of
expertise. They will give encouraging background information on their
individual matriculation into their career. 

Role Playing

The Career Challenge Bowl (CCB) is a team-based actvitity that promotes the student's ability to collaborate as a team to demostrate their learning of the careers they have been exposed to.

CCB activities also display the students abilities to use critical and creative
thinking in designing their role play.

Classroom Activities

TFO’s classroom activities will incorporate time for the students to receive tutoring
to help complete regular classroom assignments.

Field Trips

TFO’s field trips will be a behind the scenes career exploration experience. Students will tour different facilities that are in relation to the careers they learn
about in the TFO program.