The Together Friends Organization Inc. is purposed as an advocate for at-risk students. We seek to provide each student with a unique opportunity to discover and develop inner confidence that will empower them to be successful in achieving their academic and career goals.

We define an at-risk student as one with a higher propensity of failing academically or dropping out of school. Our term is not limited to academics as it is also applied to students who are facing family disruptions, over worked or absent parents, family marital issues, employment troubles or immigration status. With the exception of certain characteristics such as learning disabilities, “risk factors” are further identified within the realm of emotional deficiencies that cause negative student behavior and transiency of positive behavior.

The Together Friends Organization provides multilevel programs. Each program level is designed to inspire our students to take a serious look into their career options. The students’ academic experiences will be enhanced by introducing rewarding career choices while utilizing community resources, business entities, public employers, social servants and classroom activities. The goal of the organization is to help our students associate the need for academic achievement with the desire for obtaining a rewarding career.

It is our great hope that you feel the importance and necessity of this program and will join us in making the coming year the most productive, beneficial, and rewarding time for our students.